Publication type: Article
Author(s): C Eriksson, A Hilding, A Pyko, G Bluhm, G Pershagen, CG Ostenson
Publication: Environmental Health Perspectives
Year published: 2014
Why this Article: We highlight this paper for discussion. A prospective cohort study finds an association between noise exposure and wait circumference. It is not so clear that there is an association with BMI or type 2 diabetes. This raises a challenge we have noted here before that the epidemiological effort to isolate causes leads to some inferential cul de sacs. Why would noise exposure be associated with waist circumference? The paper suggests that stress processes may be at play. Perhaps. But then why not a link with BMI? We suggest that this represents more the isolation of one very particular component cause but that this isolation is only of consequence if we could understand the full causal architecture underlying the causal relations of interest.