Contribute to Epidemiology Matters

We encourage all students and faculty to submit articles, reports, or books to be published on the Epi Today section of our site. Epi Today is updated on a weekly basis and highlights articles, reports, and books that address emerging epidemiological scholarship in each of the following domains: study design, data collection, measurement, data analysis and visualization and modeling/simulation.

What is required in an Epi Today submission?

  1. Article/book/report title
  2. Publication type: article, report or book
  3. Publication link (PubMed link if applicable) and PDF of publication if it is an article or report
  4. Journal title
  5. Year published
  6. Why this? A brief paragraph (3–6 sentences) describing why the article/report/book is worth reading
  7. Author(s)
  8. Tags (Major subject categories)


Sample submission


What is timeframe of Epi Today publication?

The broader editorial calendar will dictate exact timing of publication but generally we want to post within 30 days of the publication of receiving a submission.

Please send your submission to Ms. Elaine Meyer (